7 Daily Habits for Better Work-Life Balance

7 Daily Habits for Better Work-Life Balance

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Balancing life and work may seem easier said than done, especially for anyone who has to deal with so much work every day. It may not be as simple to achieve as many would like it to be. But it should not be a reason to stop trying. Here are some of the daily habits for better work-life balance.

Schedule personal time
Set aside some time for yourself when you plan your day. Schedule it on your calendar or write it down on your to-do list. Your personal time should be non-negotiable. It is not something you can use for work. You may use it any way you want as long it is not related to your job.

Set boundaries
Saying no is not easy. But it is something you need to practice if you want to have a semblance of balance between your work and life. Be realistic about what you set out to do and stop piling up more work you can always say no to.

Know when to delegate or let go
Sometimes, just because you can do a lot does not mean you have to do them all by yourself. Delegate if you can and let go of the least important tasks if you have to. Know your priorities and stay focused on things that impact your short term or stretch goals.

Protect meal times
Keep breakfast, lunch, and dinner time free from work or anything unrelated to the simple pleasure of savoring your meal. If you have an hour for lunch, use the remaining time to rest or recharge your mind and body before get back on the grind.

Do something you enjoy
Make time for fun every day. Do something you enjoy. It could be a hobby or a personal growth project like learning a foreign language.

Make time for family and friends
Take time to communicate, face-to-face if you can, with family or friends. Share a meal with family or invite some friends for coffee or dinner out. Or you can call or send them a message.